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  • “So I took what I wanted and put it out of my reach.
    I wanted to pay for my successes with all my defeats.
    And if Heaven was all that was promised to me, why don’t I pray for death?

    Now it seems like the unravelling started too soon.
    Now I’m sleeping in hallways and I’m drinking perfume, and I’m speaking to mirrors, and I’m howling at moons while the worse and the worse that it gets.

    Oh you can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks.
    Yes, you can stare into the abyss, but it’s starin’ right back.”

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    Ich wollte meiner Ziege Pepper einen Blumenkranz aufsetzen. Sie wollte nicht.

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    We’re the coolest.

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    This is a Scottish anti-rape PSA that is a direct response to blaming a rape victim for dressing like a slut. What do you think? Is it effective?

    Never have I seen such an effective video in my life… and it’s only 30 seconds long. Definitely, 100% watch and reblog this.

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  • "A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms."
    Zen Shin Talks  

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    I want to make sure every one knows about this and what it can do to your pets 

    this is what has happened to my sisters cat after she wore a hartz flea and tick collar and now has a burn like wound on her neck. please pass this on and do not buy hartz’s products! they use poison in their products pets have died because of this!!

    Yes this is my cat she is doing fine at the moment but I’m so sorry for the people who’s pets are not so lucky

    oh my god


    save pets!

    Hartz is the worse EVER! my aunt used it and it ended up killing two of her cats. only one survived but she had the worse skin condition. NEVER USE HARTZ


    Guys this is an actual issue. We had Hartz collars for my dog and he kept having seizures. one seizure he had on the stairs and fell backwards down the stairs, and he also stop breathing from these seizures. When I found out about Hartz causing this I took it off my dog and he hasn’t had a seizure since. And he used to have one at least every few months. DON’T USE HARTZ.

    Yeah, sorry for the picture, folks, but please, y’all gotta know: don’t use Hartz products.  They shouldn’t even be sold.  Shit’s evil.

    I checked this when I was looking into flea stuff for Eo, and it’s a huge problem. I don’t know how Hartz is still in this business.

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    i hope everyone realizes now and will learn from this: but networks often orchestrate the failures of shows (particularly your favorite animated cartoons) because someone on high said so. Korra has a lot of flaws that I take issue with but its move from actually being broadcast to being available online is part of a longer series of fuckups that are very intentional including multiple leaks, changing release dates, and lack of advertising or promotion.

    GL:TAS failed because an exec said so - and no fan on earth was going to be able to stop it. LOK is going to fail because Nick is going to make it fail, not because I didn’t watch the show and have my “numbers” counted. People keep saying Nick is going to lose millions on Korra. True— Nick will lose millions they already spent on what has already been produced. In other words, they’re losing expected and required losses for production. By pulling Korra from the air, they’re preventing further loss, not losing even more money. They may believe they cannot recoup what was already spent.

    They may have decided they did not want to continue spending more money on promoting and airing the show and not be able to get that money back. Some exec may have literally just sneezed and said “Eh, I don’t like this show, put it online.” It’s not about viewers. It’s not about fans or fandoms. It’s not about awards, original content, or merchandise. It is what the execs want, and that’s it.

    Once you realize this you’ll realize that all mass media is orchestrated by a select group of people — why it’s so hard to include diversity in cartoons, why things that are cult-classics or fan favorites are doomed to fail from the beginning and why you should not look at Nick, Disney, or Cartoon Network with anything other than suspicion because none of these companies are required to ensure the success of all of their shows, and they are completely willing to let their shows fail if they decide they don’t want to back it anymore. 


    And not just cartoons.

    Star Trek: The Original Series got done wrong and cancelled/pulled because studio execs DIDN’T UNDERSTAND IT. They didn’t understand who could be watching it or what it was doing - this was in the days before demographics was a thing (that was then twisted and refocused on yt ppl 18-35 usually male).

    The fans kept Trek alive enough for TNG, DS9 and even Voyager (mostly) but even there, once again execs got a hold of it - who didn’t understand it. ENTERPRISE kinda showed that. Just like how JJ Abrams didn’t ‘get’ TOS or TNG and has done ‘space action movies’ that reveal his real goal was always Star Wars.

    We’re all just eyeballs for advertising. And they pre-decide whose eyeballs are important and worth something, and who counts cause they’ll be given nothing else and how that loss isn’t really loss.

    Book publishers do the same.

    There’s a REASON that the more plausible and possible it is, to do a webseries, or have an e-press etc, the more (for example) Corp action against Net Neutrality becomes a thing, and other companies (Sony, Netflix etc…) are trying to rise up and BE the ‘new old men at the top’. But the plan is NEVER to let there be a diversification in storytelling and distribution - that’s not the point of a monopoly.

    And Capitalism is the real-life game of Monopoly. You only ‘win’ if you own and control it ALL.

    yuuup. i actually thought of mentioning ST:TOS but just used cartoon examples for the post. it’s still completely relevant though and is one of the few fan-driven revivals that worked, along with that Veronica Mars movie. 

    media is exclusive and the power is not centralized in our favor.

    media is meant to maintain a chosen status quo 

    media is an oligopoly. 

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    I’m sure this is making the rounds already, but just to make sure everyone sees this — this is a really good trial.

    Uh, wow. I already thought Marvel Unlimited was a great idea - I really hope DC unrolls something like this, too - but man, $0.99?

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    i was teaching my grandma to use computer so we can talk on skype and such but today she went kinda mad at me because “i didnt show her the knitting programme” and i was like what

    and it comes out she accidentally opened ms excel and found out its a great way to create knitting patterns


    my grandma is 82


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